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Tadoba National park
Land of Tigers



Tadoba National park, created in 1955, is situated in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra. It is one of the oldest and largest National Parks in India. It is also known as Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserves and covers a territory of 1727 sq. km. With around 150 Bengal Tigers living here, this National Park is widely called “The Land of Tigers”.

The term ‘Tadoba’ is derived from the name of God “Tadoba” or “Taru,” worshiped by the local tribes living in the Andhari region, while the term “Andhari” indicates the Andhari River that flows through the forest.

The National Park exhibits a magnificent diversity of wildlife, making it a major attraction for tourists. It is divided into three different mountain ranges: Tadoba North range, Morhurli Range, and Kolsa South Range. The Park also has two lakes and one river, namely ‘Tadoba Lake,’ ‘Kolsa Lake,’ and ‘Tadoba River’.

The Tiger Reserve has a wide spectrum of Flora and fauna, like Teak, Semal, SelaiTendu, Hirda, Mahua Madhuka, to name a few.

The fauna covers Tigers, Striped Hyena, Small Indian Civet, Jungle Cats, Sambar, Spotted Deer, Barking Deer, Chital, Marsh Crocodile, Indian Python, Indian Cobra, Grey-headed Fish Eagle, etc.

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    Good to Know

    Read the basic Info and also some fun facts about Tadoba National Park. Here you will find everything you should know about “The Land of Tigers”



    City, State

    Chandrapur District, Maharashtra

    Languages spoken

    Marathi, Hindi, English

    Currency Used

    Indian Rupee ₹

    Area (km2)

    625.4 km2

    Best time to visit

    April- May

    From Nagpur

    How To Reach

    Nagpur being in close proximity to the National park makes it easy and convenient to travel via


    Tadoba is connected to Nagpur by a highway. People often go for self-driving, which is roughly 3-4 hours’ drive.


    Most of the trains passing through Nagpur make a stop after which there are easy to avail cab services.


    Nagpur airport is approximately 125- 140 kms. Once you reach the airport, you can book a cab directly to the resort.

    Hotels Near Moharli Gate

    Moharli Gate is the oldest entrance among all six, to Tadoba National Park. It is nearly 180 kms from Nagpur. This Gate permits the entry of nine vehicles each day for Tiger Safari. There are several outstanding resorts where you can stay near Moharli gate. We have listed the best ones for you here:

    Hotels Near Kolara Gate

    Kolara gate is approximately 120 kms away from Nagpur. Eighteen rides are available for tourists for day and night from this gate. Some of the hotels around the Kolara gate are listed below:

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