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Panna National Park
India’s 22nd Tiger Reserve


Panna National Park

Located in the Panna and Chhatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh, Panna National Park is the most important protected area in the north-central highlands of India. It was created in 1981 and was declared as a Project Tiger Reserve in 1994. A total area of 542.67 km2 is covered by the Panna National park. Panna is India’s 22nd Tiger Reserve and 5th in Madhya Pradesh.

The Ken River, flowing through the reserve from south to north, offers the most mesmerising landscape for tourists. The river is also home to Gharial and Mugger.

Apart from Tigers (Panthera tigris Tigris), who roam freely in this property, seven different species of vultures can be spotted in Panna, in their natural habitat. Other creatures such as leopard, wild dog, wolf, hyena and caracal, and smaller cats can be found in Panna. Sloth bear has his favourite home in the rock escarpments and undisturbed vales. The wooded areas are spotted with sambar- the largest of Indian deers, chital, and chousingha . Nilgal and Chinkara can be spotted in the open areas in the grasslands.  

 Madla and Hinata are the two major tourist entry zones in Panna. The royal history of this park dates back to the mid 17th Century AD when it became the capital of Maharaja Chhatrasal’s kingdom. 

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    City, State

    Panna and Chhatarpur districts, Madhya Pradesh

    Languages spoken

    Bundeli, English, Hindi

    Currency Used

    Indian Rupee ₹

    Area (km2)

    542 km2

    Best time to visit

    October- April

    From Jabalpur

    How To Reach

    The distance between Alwar district and Panna National Park is approximately 200 km. The following means of transport can be taken to reach the national park from Jabalpur-


    This is the cheapest way to reach Panna from Jabalpur.The shortest road distance from Jabalpur is 19km. It takes nearly 3-4 hours to travel via road. One can rent a car or travel through private vehicles to enjoy the adventurous ride the stretch offers.


    There is no direct railway connection from Jabalpur to Panna. However, one can take the train to Maihar, which is 33km from Panna. One can then take a taxi via road to Panna. Alternatively, one can reach Panna through Satna by train, and then cover the rest of the distance(128 km) by Taxi.


    As there is no direct connectivity via air from Jabalpur to Panna, the best option is to board a flight from Jabalpur Airport to Khajuraho Airport, which is just 26km from the park. It is quite convenient thereafter to travel via road to reach the park.

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