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Visit Pench for A Peek Into Mowgli Land

Encounter with the deadly Indian wild dog, catch a glimpse of deer running into the vast grasslands or glare into the eyes of the Royal Bengal Tiger….the world of adventure opens its doors to you at the Pench National Park.

Straight from the storybooks, Pench will take you back to your childhood where Baloo the bear and Bagheera the panther await your arrival to make it an adventure of a lifetime for you to watch them up close and candid. Home to the Royal Bengal Tiger, Pench has inspired writers for centuries to get an inside of Indian subcontinent’s rich flora and fauna. Pench is named after the river Pench that flows through the national park from the North to the South, dividing the park into almost two halves. 

If you want the most beautiful wildlife experience, a stay at the Pench National Park resorts and Pench Tiger Reserve resorts are the best choices for a wildlife retreat this year.

The national park sprawling over a massive area of 758 sq km, including the core area, Pench can be reached from Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh and Nagpur in Maharashtra. Tourism is the sole mode of livelihood of the locals of Pench, the locals welcome, travelers with open arms. There are ten villages near and inside the national park where you can indulge in local cuisine and experience being a part of these residents who live hand in hand with nature. Maintaining a good relationship with the tourists, the locals who serve as a guide and safari drivers, helps is the conservation of the park which is the major protected areas in Satpura-Maikal ranges of the central highlands.

Traveling through the majestic trails and beautiful paths of Seoni’s Pench National Park, which has the highest herbivorous density in India, you can come close to nature and its gifts. The best time is from December to April to stay at the Pench national park resorts and the tiger reserve resorts to spot and watch the tigers during early morning safaris. A day safari is also a good idea as the crowd has gone and travelers wanting to spend time in the national park, can do without disturbance.

Several documentaries and films have been shot in the national park. Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book was written taking the national park as the central idea where Maugli spends his childhood amid animals and beasts like ‘Sher Khan.’ A stay in the Pench tiger reserve resort will take you inside the very book.

Well-stocked teak and small hills cover the entire protected area of the Mahua mixed forest where your jungle fantasies come to life. Besides safaris into the wild, at the national Park jungle resorts, travelers can indulge in river rafting and other adventure activities. After an enthralling day of watching animals chase each other for food, the travelers can relax and unwind at the luxurious Tiger Reserve resorts of the national park. Cycling through the park’s narrow paths is also a good idea which can bring you up close to the forest.

The Pench National park has something for everyone where each one gets a chance to explore the uninhibited richness of the enchanting wildlife reserves.

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