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Kanha National Park
Swamp Deer Barasingha


Kanha National Park

The Kanha National Park, one of the most well-maintained National Parks in Asia, was created in 1955. It forms the core of the Kanha Tiger Reserve which was established in 1974 under “Project Tiger”. Situated in the Maikal range of Satpuras in Madhya Pradesh and Spread across two revenue districts the Mandala and the Kalaghat, the park lies in the heartland of India. The Kanha Tiger Reserve has a total area of 1945 km2, including the buffer and core zone all together.

The National Park is famous for its preservation of hardground “Swamp Deer Barasingha”, popularly known as ‘the jewel of Kanha’, saving it from near extinction. Apart from it, Tigers sightings are also common within the Park. Lavish Flora and Fauna in the wooden strands offer an exceptional once-in-a-lifetime experience to the tourists coming from various parts of the country and abroad.

Within the park, Bamni Dadar, also known as ‘Sunset Point’, is the most popular point of allurement for tourists. Rudyard Kipling’s novel “Jungle Book” was inspired by the lush sal and bamboo forests, grassy meadows, and ravines of Kanha Park.

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    Good to Know

    Read the basic Info and also some fun facts about Kanha National Park. Here you will find everything you should know about the place



    City, State

    Mandla, Madhya Pradesh

    Languages spoken

    Gondi, Korku, Nahali

    Currency Used

    Indian Rupee ₹

    Area (km2)

    940 km2

    Best time to visit

    November- March

    From Jabalpur

    How To Reach

    The distance between Jabalpur and Kanha National Park is approx. 165 km. The following means of transport can be taken to reach the park from Jabalpur.


    Daily buses are quite easily available from Jabalpur to Kanha. Another option might be taxis or private cabs. Personal cars can also be taken for a more adventurous experience.


    Jabalpur Railway station has links connecting to various major cities across India. Journey from Jabalpur to Kanha takes approx three hours which the tourists have to cover via road.


    Jabalpur airport is 177 km away from the Park. From there, tourists can opt for taxis or private cabs to reach Kanha.

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